Table 1

Clinical and biological parameters among patients achieving minimal disease activity and patients with an active disease after 6 months

Minimal disease activity
Active disease
P value
Age at disease onset (years), median (range)8.5 (1.1–15.8)12.6 (2.8–16.7)ns
Disease duration (years), median (range)2.5 (0.2–15.1)3.3 (0.1–8.9)ns
Female sex, n (%)12 (50.0)5 (45.5)ns
Categories of JIA, n (%)
 Systemic3 (12.5)1 (9.1)ns
 Oligoarthritis13 (54.2)4 (36.4)
  Persistent9 (37.5)3 (27.3)
  Extended4 (16.7)1 (9.1)
 PA-RF+1 (4.2)1 (9.1)
 PA-RF−2 (8.3)1 (9.1)
 Psoriatic arthritis00
 ERA5 (20.8)4 (36.4)
ANA+, n (%)7 (29.2)1 (9.1)ns
Number of DMARDs used, mean (SEM)1.3 (0.2)2.1 (0.3)ns
TJC, mean (SEM)1.7 (0.5)1.4 (0.5)ns
SJC, mean (SEM)1.9 (0.6)3.1 (1.6)ns
Physician VAS, mean (SEM)19.1 (3.8)27.8 (6.1)ns
Patient/parent VAS, mean (SEM)18.9 (6.9)25.4 (8.2)ns
CHAQ, mean (SEM)0.3 (0.1)0.4 (0.2)ns
CRP (mg/L), mean (SEM)10.9 (3.5)11.5 (3.4)ns
ESR (mm/hour), mean (SEM)21.5 (9.3)36.5 (8.7)ns
DAS-28CRP, mean (SEM)2.5 (0.3)2.7 (0.4)ns
JADAS10-CRP, mean (SEM)6.2 (1.3)8.6 (2.2)ns
sCal (ng/mL), mean (SEM)12 138 (2133)5165 (1255)* (0.03)
  • Results are given as number±percentages, median±range or mean±SEM. Statistical significance (*p<0.05, ns: not significant) was assessed by Mann-Whitney test.

  • ANA, antinuclear antibody; CHAQ, Childhood Health Assessment Questionnaire; CRP, C-reactive protein; ERA, enthesitis-related arthritis; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis; PA, polyarthritis; RF, rheumatoid factor; sCal, serum calprotectin; SJC, swollen joint count; TJC, tender joint count; VAS, disease evaluation on a Visual Analogue Scale.