Table 1

Interventions/outcomes in studies for people with SLE

Stress reductionSelf-efficacyPsychological statusJob retentionPhysical capacity/activityQuality of lifeWeight managementCytokines/lipid profileFatigueDisease activityCopingArterial stiffnessHand function
InterventionsCBT 81
Coaching/counselling 82 83
Education/counselling 43 84
Education/information 85
Exercises/coaching/diet 86
Exercise/education/coaching 87
Exercise 41 7 56 55 88 30 73
Exercise/relaxations 89
Information/coaching 90
Psychoeducational interventions 91
Self-management 45*
  • To summarise and display descriptively the effects of the interventions on outcomes, we created a table in which we listed the interventions in rows and the outcomes in columns. Only studies which had defined a primary outcome are listed. We assigned the studies to the respective combinations of interventions and outcomes (numbers shown indicate the respective study, the colour represents whether the primary outcome was significant between groups (green), significant within groups (yellow) and not significant (red)).

  • *Significant after the intervention, not significant after 6 and 12 months.

  • CBT, cognitive–behavioural therapy; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.