Table 2

Interventions/outcomes in studies for people with SSc

MicrocirculationActivities of daily livingPhysical functioningMouth openingAerobic capacitySelf-efficacyGingival health
InterventionsAutogenic training/biofeedback 47
Education/counselling 92* 22
Education 93
Exercise/splints 94
Exercise 33 54 46 70 40 9544 57
Information 22
Massage/mobilisation/exercise 62
Mobilisation/exercises 96
Oral hygiene/exercises 40
Thermal treatment/exercises 48 97 98
Thermal treatment/exercises/physiotherapy 99
  • To summarise and display descriptively the effects of the interventions on outcomes, we created a table in which we listed the interventions in rows and the outcomes in columns. Only studies which had defined a primary outcome are listed. We assigned the studies to the respective combinations of interventions and outcomes (numbers shown indicate the respective study, the colour represents whether the primary outcome was significant between groups (green), significant within groups (yellow) and not significant (red)).

  • *Intention-to-treat analysis not significant, per-protocol analysis significant.

  • †Only short-term effects.

  • ‡Pilot randomised controlled trial (RCT), authors stated that it was underpowered.

  • SSc, systemic sclerosis.