Table 2

Univariable and multivariable regression analyses of the associations between PET/CT as dependent variables and other parameters as independent variables

Dependent variableIndependent variableUnivariable analysisMultivariable analysis
βP valueB95% CIβP valueB95% CI
SUV-SYNmean-12CRP-60.4990.0300.0420.005 to 0.080
CRP-120.5290.0200.0380.007 to 0.070
Lp(a)-00.6710.0010.0010.001 to 0.002
Lp(a)-60.6760.0010.0020.001 to 0.003
Lp(a)-120.6830.0010.0020.001 to 0.0030.4530.0010.0010.001 to 0.002
CTX-120.4740.0412.3800.115 to 4.645
PWV-00.5710.0110.1490.040 to 0.259
TBR-SYNmean-12Lp(a)-00.5470.01500 to 0.001
Lp(a)-60.5670.0110.0010 to 0.001
Lp(a)-120.5810.0090.0010 to 0.0010.3350.01600 to 0.001
IMT-120.4670.0440.6680.021 to 1.315
DXAL24BMD-12−0.5180.023−0.897−0.197 to −0.007
TBR-VASCmean-12HAQ-6−0.4570.049−0.136−0.271 to −0.001−0.542<0.001−0.161−0.228 to −0.094
DAS28-60.5970.0070.1870.058 to 0.3160.617<0.0010.1940.123 to 0.265
OC-00.5310.0190.0170.003 to 0.031
P1NP-120.4700.0430.0050 to 0.0100.4640.0010.0050.003 to 0.008
PWV-00.5260.0210.0690.009 to 0.098
PWV-120.5460.0160.0690.014 to 0.113
TBR-VASCmax-12HAQ-0−0.5290.020−0.291−0.529 to −0.052−0.5290.020−0.291−0.529 to −0.052
HAQ-6−0.4710.042−0.212−0.415 to −0.009
  • The numbers -0 and -12 indicate values at baseline and after 12 months of treatment.

  • BMD, bone mineral density; CRP, C reactive protein; CTX, C-terminal collagen crosslink; DAS28, 28-Joint Disease Activity Score; DXA, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry; HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; IMT, intima–media thickness; L24, lumbar 2–4 vertebrae; Lp(a), lipoprotein A; max, maximum; OC, osteocalcin; PET, positron emission tomography; P1NP, procollagen 1 N-terminal propeptide; PWV, pulse-wave velocity; SUV, standardised uptake value; SYN, synovial; TBR, target-to-background ratio; VASC, vascular.