Table 2

Suggestions for practicing mindfulness46

Stop and breathe
  • Take frequent breaks and breathe deeply several times during the day; this fosters calmness and focus

Take time to sit still
  • Sit quietly in purposeful thought and reflection each day

  • Avoid filling time with activities

Focus on one task at a time
  • Practice moment-to-moment awareness in everyday activities

Listen well to everyone
  • Listen actively and mindfully to coworkers, family members and friends; strong relationships form a strong support network

Appreciate the world around you
  • Take a walk and use your senses to enjoy what surrounds you

Feed your body well
  • Choose seasonal, colourful food containing healthy phytonutrients

Eat mindfully
  • Eat slowly and enjoy the sight, taste and smell of food; it allows for easier digestion

Practice gratitude
  • Write down five things you are grateful for three times per week

Prepare for bed
  • Soothe yourself at the end of each day

  • 1 hour before bedtime, dim the lights, set aside electronic equipment, take a warm bath, read