Table 3

Average SUV (mean±SD) at 0 and 2 weeks and the decrease over 2 weeks in several joint groups

JointAverage SUV (mean±SD) at 0 weeksAverage SUV (mean±SD) at 2 weeksDecrease in SUV (absolute (%) from 0 to 2 weeks
Shoulders (n=70)2.1±0.92.3±0.9– 0.16(–7)
Elbows (n=70)1.1±0.31.1±0.30.01(1)
Wrists (n=70)0.8±0.30.7±0.30.16(19)
MCP1 joints (n=70)0.6±0.20.6±0.20.05(8)
MCP2 – 5 joints (n=280)0.5±0.20.4±0.20.07(14)
PIP joints (n=350)0.4±0.20.4±0.20.05(11)
Hips (n=70)2.5±0.82.7±1.0–0.15(–6)
Knees (n=70)1.1±0.61.1±0.70.05(5)
Ankles (n=70)0.7±0.30.6±0.30.18(25)
MTP1 joints (n=70)0.6±0.30.5±0.30.19(28)
MTP2 – 5 joints (n=280)0.6±0.30.4±0.20.21(32)
  • MCP, metacarpophalangeal; MTP, metatarsophalangeal; PIP, proximal interphalangeal; SUV, standardised uptake values.