Table 3

Comments by patients in the pilot test on every page of the decision aid and adaptations made by the steering group

Main elementCommentsAdaptations made
I: Health condition and personal risk factorsGout flares can occur in more body parts than the big toe, for example in the earsOther commonly involved joints added to the text
Gout can give more severe problems than only flares and pain. Elaborate on other severe problemsTophi in skin and bone explicitly mentioned
Some risk factors are not applicable for individual patientsThe risk factor personalised by adding tick boxes
II: The personalised risk on future gout flares without ULTNot clear that the icon arrays are gout flares in the first metatarsophalangeal jointSpecifically added that the most common gout flare location was illustrated
Not clear if the risk of future gout flares was independent of the personal sUA levelThe DA was personalised for patients with an initial sUA level between (>0.36–<0.55 mmol/L and ≥0.55 mmol/L).
III: Lifestyle changes and treatment of acute flaresGive more detailed information for advices related to proportions (eg, drinks or red meat)Detailed for alcohol consumption
Specify the non-citrus fruits with examplesOverruled/rejected by the steering group
IV: Effect of ULTMention the specific sUA target of ULTAdded the sUA target of ≤0.36 mmol/L
Mention number of future flares that will occur within the period considered in the figure with icon arraysAdded icon arrays presenting number of patients with at least one gout flare
V: Option gridMention here also the generic name of ULTs. A patient that used desuric, did not know this was also called benzbromaronGeneric names were added to the option grid for all the ULTs
Increase font style within the option gridFont of symbols and text was increased
Add rasburicaseThe DA clarifies only ULTs for long-term control of sUA are included
VI: Final treatment decisionInclude the day of the follow-up in the DAAdded a section were the next visit can be mentioned (eg, time and date)
  • DA, decision aid; sUA, serum uric acid; ULT, urate-lowering therapy.