Table 1

Initial and final sum score and ranking by patients and final ranking by rheumatologists of the attributes during the nominal group technique meetings (order of attributes according to patients’ final rank)

AttributesPatients (n=19)Rheumatologists (n=5)
Initial sum score*Initial rankFinal sum score*Final rankRank
Side effects5325322
Interactions with concomitant medications7737836
Biological mechanism of action96493†44
Combination therapy required101693†55
Frequency of administration9759863
Out-of-pocket cost137714177
Time on market146814688
Branded or generic specification151915599
Cost for the society161101621010
  • *Sum score of the ranks provides to the patients across all nominal group technique meetings in which ‘1’ indicate the most important attribute.

  • †Equal final sum score by patients, but biological mechanism of action was more often (36% vs 11%) prioritised in the top three as attribute.