Table 4

Logistic regression comparing hospitalisation rates between patients with rheumatic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases and healthy controls, and different treatment groups

Hospitalisation rateCrude modelAdjusted model
No.%OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Healthy controls*1/1340.71.00N.A.1.00N.A.
Rheumatic patients23/34779.37(1.25 to 70.10)0.0297.33(0.96 to 55.77)0.055
No treatment with csDMARDs*12/16081.00N.A.1.00N.A.
Treatment with any csDMARD10/18650.77(0.33 to 1.80)0.550.83(0.36 to 2.28)0.91
 Methotrexate8/13761.44(0.39 to 5.31)0.59
No treatment with bDMARDs*14/21761.00N.A.1.00N.A.
Treatment with any bDMARD8/12960.90(0.37 to 2.17)0.811.00(0.37 to 2.66)1.00
 TNF inhibitor4/10540.40(0.11 to 1.45)0.16
 B-cell targeting therapy3/7414.62(2.31 to 92.39)0.004†
No treatment with prednisone*18/30461.00N.A.1.00N.A.
 Prednisone2/12172.74(0.50 to 15.03)0.251.73(0.22 to 13.83)0.61
  • Data are ORs with 95% CIs in parentheses, and p values. All adjusted ORs are adjusted for age, sex and presence of cardiovascular or chronic pulmonary diseases. Adjusted ORs for treatment groups are also adjusted for concomitant treatment with other immunosuppressive drugs.

  • Bold=p<0.050.

  • *Reference group.

  • †Below the Benjamini threshold.

  • bDMARDs, biological DMARDs; csDMARDs, conventional synthetic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs; N.A., not available; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.