Table 3

Change in patient-reported and systemic disease activity and IgG levels after vaccination for all patients with pSS

Total pSS groupBaselineAfter vaccinationP value
Total ESSPRI6.0 (4.7–7.0) (n=67)5.7 (3.8–7.0) (n=64)0.16
ESSPRI—dryness7.0 (5.0–8.0) (n=67)6.0 (4.0–7.0) (n=66)0.053
ESSPRI—fatigue6.0 (5.0–8.0) (n=67)7.0 (4.0–7.0) (n=65)0.64
ESSPRI—pain6.0 (4.0–7.0) (n=67)5.0 (3.0–7.0) (n=65)0.17
Patient GDA6.0 (5.0–7.0) (n=67)6.0 (4.0–7.0) (n=66)0.20
ESSDAI3.0 (1.0–4.0) (n=59)2.0 (0.3–4.8) (n=36)0.88
IgG13.0 (10.3–18.5) (n=63)12.6 (9.8–18.3) (n=63)0.26
  • Data presented as median (IQR).

  • Baseline ESSDAI was collected within 1 year before the first vaccination (median time 4 months) and follow-up ESSDAI was collected within 6 months after vaccination.

  • ESSPRI, patient GDA and IgG scores were collected at baseline and 28 days after the second vaccination (first for Janssen).

  • ESSDAI, EULAR Sjögren’s Syndrome Disease Activity Index; ESSPRI, EULAR Sjögren’s Syndrome Patient Reported Index; GDA, global disease activity; pSS, primary Sjögren’s syndrome.