Table 2

Treatment use in 13 countries in 410 patients, grouped by GDP/capita

Patients in lowest country GDP/capita tertile
Patients in middle country GDP/capita tertile
Patients in highest country GDP/capita tertile
P value between the tertiles
bDMARDs use, n (%)250 (61.0)54 (53.5)113 (62.8)83 (64.3)0.197
csDMARDs use, n (%)237 (61.4)67 (72.8)93 (54.7)77 (62.1)0.016
Methotrexate use, n (%)200 (52.2)57 (63.3)79 (46.5)64 (52.0)0.035
Oral glucocorticoids use, n (%)64 (17.5)21 (25.6)19 (11.6)24 (20.0)0.016
High or moderate disease activity (DAPSA >14) and no bDMARD use, n (%)76 (18.5)30 (29.7)27 (15.0)19 (14.7)0.004*
  • Lowest country GDP/capita tertile: Brazil, Turkey, Russian Federation, Romania, Estonia; middle tertile: Spain, Italy, UK, France; highest tertile: Canada, Germany, USA and Singapore.

  • Data were missing for glucocorticoids (n=44), csDMARDs (n=24) and methotrexate (n=27). Percentages are percentages of available data.

  • *Specific comparisons were made between tertiles: lowest vs middle (p=0.009), lowest vs highest (p=0.007), middle vs highest (p=0.882).

  • bDMARDs, biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs; csDMARDs, conventional synthetic DMARDs; DAPSA, Disease Activity in PSoriatic Arthritis; GDP, gross domestic product.