Table 1

Summary of the main features of the eight PedMSUS courses analysed for developing of the survey questionnaires (I phase of the project)

n.PedMSUS edition, locationYearDuration
Max No
Frontal lessons, hours (%)Practical sessions, hours (%)Fee (€)
1PedMSUS course, Madrid—Spain201235014149 (56)7 (44)NS
2Fourth musculoskeletal sonography course for rheumatologists—basic level paediatric course, Belgrade—Serbia201334018139 (56)7 (44)800*, 600†
3Fifth musculoskeletal sonography course—basic level paediatric rheumatology, Belgrade—Serbia20153402199 (56)7 (44)800*, 600†
4Musculoskeletal ultrasound course basic paediatric, Bucharest—Romania201633610139 (56)7 (44)850*
524th EULAR ultrasound course—PReS paediatric musculoskeletal course, Madrid—Spain201735034159 (56)7 (44)1600*
6Musculoskeletal ultrasound in paediatric patients, Aarhus—Denmark2018220348 (57)6 (43)SS
7PedMSUS course, Antalya—Turkey201836011117 (50)7 (50)950*
8PedMSUS course, Lisbon—Portugal201835011179 (56)7 (44)1100*, 800†, ‡
  • *Accommodation, meals and coffee breaks included.

  • †Accommodation excluded.

  • ‡Dinners excluded.

  • NS, not specified; PedMSUS, paediatric musculoskeletal ultrasound; PReS, Paediatric Rheumatology European Association; SS, supported by sponsors.