Table 1

Patient characteristics, type of cancer, ICI treatment, onset of vasculitis, ANCA type and treatment

IDAge (year)SexRaceType of cancerICIExisting AAV before ICIANCA typeTiming of AAV after initiation of ICI (months)Presenting findingsTreatmentNadir sCr (mg/dL)AAV status at last follow-up
165MCSquamous cell carcinoma of left palatine tonsilPembrolizumabNMPO5AKI (sCr: 7.20 mg/dL) haematuria, proteinuria and foot dropRTX+GC1.5Remission
267FCSquamous cell cancer of the lungPembrolizumabYPR31AKI (sCr: 2.5 mg/dL), haematuria and proteinuriaRTX+GC1.8 (baseline sCr)Remission
  • AAV, ANCA associated vasculitis; AKI, acute kidney injury; ANCA, anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody; C, Caucasian; GC, glucocorticosteroids; ICI, Immune checkpoint inhibitor; MPO, myeloperoxidase; N, no; PR3, proteinase-3; RTX, rituximab; sCr, serum creatinine; Y, yes.