Table 4

Overview of themes, subthemes and focus groups in which these were identified

ThemesSub themesFocus groups
Current experiences of PRPs involvement in researchResearcher experiences of involving PRPsXX
Patient experiences of being involved as PRPsXX
The role of PRP in registries and researchComplementary perspectives between researchers and PRPsXXX
The aim of patient involvement in researchX
Points to consider for involving PRPs in researchConsider professional and social backgrounds of PRPsX
Provide PRPs education and trainingXX
A welcoming environment for PRPs to contributeXX
PRP involvement in different phases of the research processPRPs as members in research committeesXX
Identify questions that are most relevant to patientsXX
Select the most relevant outcomes to patientsXX
Improve recruitment strategiesX
Analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of resultsXX
Barriers and challenges to involving PRPs in researchRecruiting PRPs from ethnic minoritiesX
Researchers’ preconceptions of patients’ ability to be involved in researchX
Help analyse or interpret quantitative dataX
Limited financial resourcesX
  • PRP, patient research partner.