Table 3

Outcomes of MPA-treated patients and MPA-eligible patients

MPA eligible*
Age-sex adjustedPSOW adjusted†
Effect size (95% CI)P valueEffect size (95% CI)P value
Severity0.038 0.88
 Mild26 (53.1)211 (53.7)1.00 (ref.)1.00 (ref.) –
 Moderate14 (28.6)126 (32.1)1.39 (0.67 to 2.88)‡0.370.83 (0.27 to 2.50)‡ 0.74
 Severe9 (18.4)56 (14.3)3.43 (1.33 to 8.83)‡0.0111.20 (0.32 to 4.40)‡ 0.78
Length of hospital stay, median (IQR)9.0 (4.0 to 19.0)10.0 (6.0 to 32.0)0.74 (0.42 to 1.31)§0.300.93 (0.42 to 2.05)§ 0.86
Death6 (12.2)37 (9.4)4.94 (1.59 to 15.34)‡0.0061.31 (0.28 to 5.95)‡ 0.73
  • Values are presented as n (percentage) unless otherwise indicated. Values, effect size and p values were calculated after handle missing data by simple imputation.

  • *The MPA eligible group included patients in the no MPA treatment group who did not receive treatment despite having diseases for which treatment is a recognised therapeutic option.

  • †Effect size and p values calculated using propensity score overlap weighting analyses, using MPA eligible subgroup as reference.

  • ‡OR calculated using multinomial or binary logistic regression models.

  • §Sub-HR (sHR) calculated among 205 hospitalised patients using Fine and Gray model with discharge alive as the event of interest and hospital death as the competing event. sHR >1 indicates an increase in length of hospital stay, and an sHR <1 indicates a decrease in length of hospital stay compared with the reference group.

  • MPA, mycophenolic acid; PSOW, propensity score overlap weighting;