Table 1

Sarcopenia definitions and cut-off values

Working groupMuscle massMuscle strengthMuscle function
Updated EWGSOP220Low muscle mass (ALM/ht²)
Men ≤7.0 kg/m²
Women ≤5.5 kg/m²
Low grip strength
Men <27 kg
Women <16 kg
Slow gait speed
≤ 0.8 m/s and/or
Prolonged chair rise time of >15 s
FNIH21Low muscle mass (ALM/BMI)
Men <0.789 m²
Women <0.512 m²
Low grip strength
Men <26 kg
Women <16 kg
  • ALM, appendicular lean mass; BMI, body mass index; EWGSOP2, European Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older People; FNIH, Foundation for the National Institutes of Health.