Table 2


Characteristics, n (%)SLE (n=38)
Any adverse events (AEs)19 (50.0%)
AEs led to drug discontinuation8 (21.05%)
 Non-flare AEs which led to drug discontinuation4 (10.53%)
Serious AEs2 (5.26%)
 Non-flare serious AEs*1 (2.63%)
Flare7 (18.42%)
 Major flares3 (7.89%)
 Mild-to-moderate flares4 (10.53%)
Nausea or vomiting1 (2.63%)
Diarrhoea1 (2.63%)
Cutaneous pruritus1 (2.63%)
Asymptomatic pyuria†5 (13.16%)
Infections4 (10.53%)
 Upper respiratory tract infection2 (5.26%)
 Fungal pneumonia*1 (2.63%)
 Lower urinary tract infection1 (2.63%)
Diabetic ketoacidosis0
  • *The patient with fungal pneumonia was also accounted for the serious AE.

  • †Pyuria was defined as white blood cell count >15/HP in urine analysis and patients were symptom-free. Of which, three were patients without LN and the other two were patients with LN. All without evidence of SLE/LN disease flares.

  • LN, lupus nephritis; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.