Table 2

Overview of included studies reporting loss of eHealth engagement over time (attrition)

First author (year)Duration (days)eHealth toolMonitoring frequencyAttrition (definition)Attrition (%)
Beukenhorst 2020 3090WATContinuous+
PROs daily; weekly; monthly
Active participants (WAT) +
completion rate (overall PROs): baseline to end
54 +
Bingham III 20193984PDA e-diaryDailyCompletion rate: week 1 to week 120
Colls 202140210Smartphone appDailyCompletion rate: first 3 months to final 3 months26
Connelly 20126428Smartphone appThrice dailyCompletion rate: first 2 weeks to second 2 weeks24
Crouthamel 20182784Smartphone appWeekly; monthlyActive participants: baseline to end89
Elmagboul 202021183WAT+smartphone appContinuous+ePROs weeklyProportion not meeting minimal WAT wear time18
Jacquemin 20183790WATContinuousActive participants: baseline to end22
Kempin 202225168Smartphone appOnce every 2 weeksProportion providing data ≥80% of moments: week 12 to week 2410
Lalloo 20217056Smartphone appDailyCompletion rate: first day to final day48
Lee 20134260SMSMonthlyCompletion rate: first month to final month10
Nowell 20212890Smartphone appMonthlyActive participants: baseline to final month45
Murray 20227356Smartphone appDaily (alternating cycle)Completion rate: first week to final week16
Östlind 20213884WATContinuousProportion of days worn: first week to final week20
Pouls 20212290Smartphone appDailyActive participants: baseline to end0
Renskers 20203414–597 (mean 350)Web-basedFree to choose (at baseline)Active participants: baseline to end49
Seppen 20204128Smartphone appWeeklyCompletion rate: first week to final week39
28Smartphone appWeeklyCompletion rate: first week to final week63
Seppen 202211356Smartphone appWeeklyCompletion rate: first 3 months to final 3 months4
Skrepnik 20174690 (+90 day follow-up)WAT±smartphone app (1:1)ContinuousProportion providing data >80% of days: day 90 to day 180 (app-group)64
Stinson 20085814PDA e-diaryThrice dailyCompletion rate: week 1 to week 210
Zaslavsky 201976133WATContinuousProportion of hours worn per day: first week to final week−1 (increase)
  • PDA, personal digital assistant; PROs, patient-reported outcomes; SMS, short message service; WAT, wearable activity tracker.