Table 1

Demographic, clinical, laboratory and treatment characteristics

Age in years, mean±SD51.2±14.4
Disease duration in years, mean±SD7.1±9.1
Female sex, n (%)55 (52.9%)
 Routine laboratory CRP in mg/dL, mean±SD0.52±1.39
 qCRP in mg/dL, mean±SD0.62±1.58
 Difference between routine laboratory CRP and qCRP in mg/dL, mean±SD0.10±0.41
 ESR in mm/h, mean±SD16.5±15.6
Disease activity
 DAPSA, mean±SD10.5±10.6
 Q-DAPSA, mean±SD10.6±10.6
 cDAPSA, mean±SD10.0±10.4
NSAIDs, n (%)43 (41.3%)
 Mean NSAID equivalent score±SD for patients receiving NSAIDs*50.0±41.7
Systemic GC, n (%)10 (9.6%)
 Mean dosage of prednisolone equivalent±SD in mg/d, for patients under GC6.3±4.1
csDMARDs, n (%)37 (35.6%)
 Methotrexate, n (%)33 (31.7%)
 Others4 (3.8%)
tsDMARDs, n (%)3 (2.9%)
bDMARDs, n (%)53 (51.0%)
 TNF inhibitors21 (20.2%)
 IL-17A inhibitors17 (16.3%)
 IL-12/23 inhibitors11 (10.6%)
 Others†4 (3.8%)
  • n = 104; for ESR n = 97.

  • *Modified formula for NSAID equivalent score based on Dougados et al.21: NSAID-equivalent-dose × (days of intake per week/7).21

  • †Other bDMARDs were Guselkumab (n=2), Abatacept (n=1) and Rituximab (n=1).

  • bDMARDs, biological DMARDs; cDAPSA, clinical DAPSA; CRP, C reactive protein; csDMARDs, conventional synthetic DMARDs; DAPSA, Disease Activity index for PSoriatic Arthritis; DMARDs, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; GC, glucocorticosteroids; IL, interleukin; NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; qCRP, quick quantitative CRP; Q-DAPSA, DAPSA calculated with a qCRP assay; TNF, tumour necrosis factor; tsDMARDs, targeted synthetic DMARDs.