Table 2

ICC for different CRP measurement methods and disease activity scores

Routine laboratory CRP and qCRP (n=104)0.980(0.969 to 0.986)
DAPSA and Q-DAPSA (n=104)1.000(0.999 to 1.000)
DAPSA and cDAPSA (n=104)0.995(0.992 to 0.997)
  • Model: two-way mixed-effects model. Type: multiple measurements. Definition: absolute agreement.

  • cDAPSA, clinical DAPSA; CRP, C reactive protein; DAPSA, Disease Activity index for PSoriatic Arthritis; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; qCRP, quick quantitative CRP; Q-DAPSA, DAPSA calculated with a qCRP assay.