Table 5

Summary of serious adverse events over the total follow-up duration

Patient nAge yearsReport at visit (month)EventDiscontinuation of tocilizumabHospitalisation
Patient 54212Severe thrombocytopeniaNoNo
Patient 39456Toe necrosis and infectionYesYes
Patient 394512Pneumonitis (after stop of TCZ)Yes
Patient 43686Atrial flutterYesNo
Patient 493212Digital ulcer with osteomyelitisNoNA
Patient 50413Allergic reactionYesNo
Patient 50413InfluenzaYesYes
Patient 69413Renal crisisYesYes
Patient 69416Thrombophlebitis (after stop of TCZ)Yes
Patient 70586Acute heart failureYesNA
Patient 705812Amputation last phalanx Dig I foot (after stop of TCZ)NA
Patient 71766Deep vein thrombosisNoNA
Patient 80560Severe allergic reactionYesNA
Patient 83583Bilateral keratitisYesNo
Patient 92633PneumoniaNoYes
Patient 926312PneumoniaNoYes
Patient 971812Sudden cardiac deathNA
  • –, Information is not applicable; NA, data are not available; TCZ, tocilizumab.