Table 1

Summary of immune-modulatory drugs included in this analysis, including date of last update to the summary of product characteristic (SmPC) document at the time of the search and data extraction

DrugMode of actionIMID licensed indication(s)Mode of administrationDate of last SmPC update at time of search
 AzathioprinePurine synthesis inhibitorCrohn’s, UC, RAOral03 December 2019
 CiclosporinCalcineurin inhibitorUC, RA, PsO, atopic dermatitisOral10 March 2020
 CladribinePurine analogueMSOral21 January 2020
 Interferon betaUnknownMSSC, IM23 October 2019
 LeflunomidePyrimidine synthesis inhibitorRA, PsAOral15 August 2017
 MethotrexateDihydrofolate reductase inhibitorCrohn’s, RA, PsOOral, SC, IM23 January 2020
 Mycophenolate mofetilInosine-5′-monophosphate dehydrogenase inhibitorNil IMIDOral25 November 2020
 SulfasalazineUnknownCrohn’s, UC, RAOral15 October 2019
 TeriflunomideDihydro-orotate dehydrogenase inhibitorMSOral18 September 2020
 BaricitinibJAK1 and JAK2; limited inhibition of TYK2)RAOral26 November 2019
 FilgotinibJAK1RAOral24 September 2020
 TofacitinibJAK3 and JAK1; some affinity for JAK2; limited affinity for TYK2RAOral06 February 2020
 UpadacitinibJAK1RAOral01 April 2020
 FingolimodSphingosine 1-phosphate receptor modulatorMSOral16 January 2020
 SiponimodSphingosine 1-phosphate receptor modulatorMSOral24 April 2020
 AdalimumabTNFα inhibitorCrohn’s, UC, RA, PsO, axSpA, nr-axSpASC04 September 2020
 AnakinraIL-1 receptor antagonistRA, CAPS, Still’sSC28 May 2020
 CanakinumabIL-1β inhibitorGout, autoinflammatory syndromes, Still’sSC13 March 2020
 Certolizumab pegolTNFα inhibitorRA, PsO, axSpA, PsASC12 August 2020
 DupilumabIL-4 receptor antagonistMod-severe atopic dermatitis, severe asthmaSC26 September 2017
 EculizumabC5 complement inhibitorPNHIV29 June 2020
 EtanerceptTNFα inhibitorRA, PsO, PsA, AS, nr-axSpASC14 September 2020
 GolimumabTNFα inhibitorUC, RA, PsO, AS, nr-axSpASC, IV12 May 2020
 GuselkumabIL-23 inhibitorPsOSC, IV29 June 2020
 InfliximabTNFα inhibitorCrohn’s, UC, RA, AS, PsA, PsOSC, IV28 October 2019
 IxekizumabIL-17A inhibitorPsO, PsASC16 July 2020
 MitoxantroneType II topoisomerase inhibitornil IMIDIV07 January 2020
 RavulizumabC5 complement inhibitorPNHIV28 September 2020
 SarilumabIL-6 receptor antagonistRASC23 June 2017
 SecukinumabIL-17A inhibitorAS, PsA, PsOSC19 August 2020
 TocilizumabIL-6 receptor antagonistRA, GCAIV02 September 2020
 UstekinumabIL-12/23 inhibitorCrohn’s, UC, PsO, PsASC27 February 2020
 AbataceptCTLA-4 inhibitorRA, PsASC, IV10 June 2020
 AlemtuzumabCD52 antagonistMSIV16 September 2020
 BelimumabB-cell activating factorSLEIV28 September 2020
 Natalizumabα4β1 integrin inhibitorMSIV12 May 2020
 OcrelizumabCD20 inhibitorMSIV01 June 2020
 RituximabCD20 inhibitorRA, autoimmune vasculitis, pemphigus vulgarisIV08 April 2020
 Vedolizumabα4β7 integrin inhibitorCrohn’s, UCSC, IV15 May 2020
  • UC= ulcerative colitis; PsO= psoriasis; PsA= psoriatic arthritis; MS= multiple sclerosis; CAPS= cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome; AxSpA= axial spondyloarthritis; SLE= systemic lupus erythematosus

  • IMID, immune-mediated inflammatory disease; JAK, Janus kinase; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.