Table 2

Characteristics of individuals at-risk from a sub-cohort with at least 14 months of follow-up

Developed RA (N=24)Did not develop RA (N=21)
Age, years: mean (SD)46 (12.6)45.8 (13.1)
Female, N (%)16 (66.7)13 (61.9)
Arthralgia, N (%)23 (95.8)20 (95.2)
Arthralgia duration, months: median (IQR)8.5 (5.3–32.5)24 (10–61)
time to RA diagnosis, months: median (IQR)4.5 (3–9.8)
IgA1 ACPA, µg/mL: median (IQR)4.6 (2.3–21.1)2.0 (1.4–7.3)*
IgA2 ACPA, µg/mL: median (IQR)0.82 (0.4–2.2)0.77 (0.3–2.2)
IgG ACPA, RU/mL: median (IQR)177.6 (49.4–394.9)38.5 (1.0–202.2)*
  • *Higher IgA1 and IgG ACPA levels in RA at-risk individuals who developed RA, Mann-Whitney U test.

  • RA, rheumatoid arthritis; RU, relative units; t, test for age, exact Fisher’s test for sex and arthralgia and Mann-Whitney test for symptoms duration.