Table 3

Percentage of flares during the pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 vaccination periods

Follow-up time (years or months)Rheumatoid arthritisPsoriatic arthritis
Patients (n)*Flares (n)%Patients (n)*Flares (n)%
From 12th month to 6th month prior to vaccination3173210.11661911.4
From 6th month to vaccination date5707212.62642710.2
From 6th month to 3rd month prior to vaccination1992613.0831012.0
From 3rd month to vaccination date3594612.8172179.8
Post vaccinationAt 6 months post vaccination5938414.2253259.9
From time to vaccination to 3rd month4105212.71781810.1
From 3rd to 6th month post vaccination2313214.28678.1
  • Thick line indicates the time of COVID-19 vaccination.

  • *Number of patients in each period who had at least one prior review.