Table 3

Proportion (95% CI) that achieved net benefit from TKA at 1 year post TKA

Definition of net benefit from TKAProportion achieved (95% CI)
OMERACT–OARSI responder criteria (modified)
a) PGA knee pain much or somewhat improved93.5 (91.95 to 94.9)
b) ≥20% improvement in WOMAC Pain Score94.1 (92.7 to 95.5)
c) ≥20% improvement in KOOS-PS85.3 (83.1 to 87.4)
d) Absolute change in WOMAC Pain Score≥2/2095.8 (94.6 to 97.0)
e) Absolute change in KOOS-PS≥10/10083.3 (81.0 to 85.5)
Met all the above criteria (a–e), indicating treatment response*79.5 (76.9 to 81.9)
Overall satisfaction with TKA results
Very satisfied74.7 (72.1 to 77.4)
Somewhat satisfied16.7 (14.5 to 19.0)
Somewhat or very satisfied91.45 (89.8 to 93.1)
Somewhat or very dissatisfied8.55 (6.9 to 10.4)
OMERACT–OARSI and somewhat/very satisfied78.1 (75.4 to 80.5)
  • *Each of the five Outcome Measures in Rheumatology and Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OMERACT–OARSI) criteria (a–e) were assessed individually; those who met all the criteria were considered to have responded to the treatment (TKA).

  • KOOS-PS, Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score physical function short-form; PGA, patient global assessment; TKA, total knee arthroplasty; WOMAC, Western Ontario-McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index.