Table 3

Logistic regression models to investigate associations with repair (n=17)

OR95% CIP value
Duration of previous remission1.0050.802 to 1.260.963
Symptom duration at baseline (weeks)0.9720.95 to 1.000.051
Mean DAS from month 3 to time of repair0.820.40 to 1.630.566
Previous prednisone1.090.385 to 3.090.871
Previous infliximab0.5990.206 to 1.740.347
ACPA1.510.413 to 5.530.533
Gender1.130.401 to 3.160.822
Baseline age1.010.975 to 1.050.548
BMI1.031.00 to 1.050.056
Randomisation arm
 Sequential monotherapyRef
 Step-up combination therapy0.7980.231 to 2.750.721
 Initial combination with prednisone0.5970.158 to 2.260.448
 Initial combination with infliximab0.1470.0173 to 1.250.080
  • All models were adjusted for mean Sharp/van der Heijde score until repair.

  • ACPA, anticitrullinated peptide antibody; DAS, disease activity score.