Table 3

Change in PROMIS29+MSx from BL to EOP by domain (n=202)

Mean at BLMean at EOPChangeP value
Ability to participate in social roles and activities*46.552.15.6<0.0001
Cognitive function*49.352.33.0<0.0001
Ability to manage symptoms*43.349.76.4<0.0001
Physical function*44.447.43.0<0.0001
Pain interference†56.951.5−5.5<0.0001
Sleep disturbance†53.447.7−5.7<0.0001
Pain intensity†‡4.02.5−1.4<0.0001
  • *Higher score indicates improvement.

  • †Lower score indicates improvement.

  • ‡Pain intensity was measured on a 0–10 VAS.

  • BL, baseline; EOP, end of programme; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.