Table 4

Association between LVV group and calcification burden in terms of score and volume in different locations

Coeff (95% CI) for LVV group*P value*
Coronary calcium score−80.80 (−210.65 to 49.05)0.222
Coronary calcium volume−80.36 (−200.28 to 39.55)0.188
Thoracic calcium score1351.62 (63.76 to 2639.47)0.040
Thoracic calcium volume1090.63 (65.44 to 2115.81)0.037
Abdominal calcium score868.48 (−598.04 to 2335)0.245
Abdominal calcium volume726.84 (−473.70 to 1927.37)0.234
  • *Regression analyses included both matched patients and LVV patients without a suitable match (n=137 LVV patients and n=129 lymphoma patients).

  • LVV, large vessel vasculitis.