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Beneficial effects of colchicine for moderate to severe COVID-19: a randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial
Lopes, Maria Isabel; Bonjorno, Leticia P.; Giannini, Marcela C.; et al

Early experience of COVID-19 vaccination in adults with systemic rheumatic diseases: results from the COVID-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance Vaccine Survey
Sattui, Sebastian Eduardo; Liew, Jean W.; Kennedy, Kevin; et al

Glucocorticoids in rheumatoid arthritis: current status and future studies
Hua, Charlotte; Buttgereit, Frank; Combe, Bernard

Prevalence and distribution of peripheral musculoskeletal manifestations in spondyloarthritis including psoriatic arthritis: results of the worldwide, cross-sectional ASAS-PerSpA study
Lopez-Medina, Clementina; Molto, Anna; Sieper, Joachim; et al

Reactive arthritis after COVID-19 infection
Ono, Keisuke; Kishimoto, Mitsumasa; Shimasaki, Teppei; et al

Older age, comorbidity, glucocorticoid use and disease activity are risk factors for COVID-19 hospitalisation in patients with inflammatory rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases
Hasseli, Rebecca; Mueller-Ladner, Ulf; Hoyer, Bimba F.; et al

Seasonal and residential clustering at disease onset of anti-MDA5-associated interstitial lung disease
Nishina, Naoshi; Sato, Shinji; Masui, Kenichi; et al

High levels of immunosuppression are related to unfavourable outcomes in hospitalised patients with rheumatic diseases and COVID-19: first results of ReumaCoV Brasil registry
Lopes Marques, Claudia Diniz; Kakehasi, Adriana Maria; Pinheiro, Marcelo Medeiros; et al

Long-term safety of tofacitinib up to 9.5 years: a comprehensive integrated analysis of the rheumatoid arthritis clinical development programme
Cohen, Stanley B.; Tanaka, Yoshiya; Mariette, Xavier; et al

Efficacy and safety of biologics in psoriatic arthritis: a systematic literature review and network meta-analysis
Ruyssen-Witrand, Adeline; Perry, Richard; Watkins, Clare; et al

Storm, typhoon, cyclone or hurricane in patients with COVID-19? Beware of the same storm that has a different origin
Alunno, Alessia; Carubbi, Francesco; Rodriguez-Carrio, Javier

National registry for patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases (IRD) infected with SARS-CoV-2 in Germany (ReCoVery): a valuable mean to gain rapid and reliable knowledge of the clinical course of SARS-CoV-2 infections in patients with IRD
Hasseli, Rebecca; Mueller-Ladner, Ulf; Schmeiser, Tim; et al

Applying the 2019 EULAR/ACR lupus criteria to patients from an established cohort: a Latin American perspective
Pons-Estel, Guillermo J.; Francisco Ugarte-Gil, Manuel; Harvey, Guillermina B.; et al

Probability-based algorithm using ultrasound and additional tests for suspected GCA in a fast-track clinic
Sebastian, Alwin; Tomelleri, Alessandro; Kayani, Abdul; et al

Evidences for a protective role of vitamin D in COVID-19
Cutolo, Maurizio; Paolino, Sabrina; Smith, Vanessa

One in five patients with rapidly and persistently controlled early rheumatoid arthritis report poor well-being after 1 year of treatment
Van der Elst, Kristien; Verschueren, Patrick; De Cock, Diederik; et al

DMARD-free remission as novel treatment target in rheumatoid arthritis: A systematic literature review of achievability and sustainability
Verstappen, M.; van Mulligen, E.; de Jong, P. H. P.; et al

Pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapeutic strategies in difficult-to-treat rheumatoid arthritis: a systematic literature review informing the EULAR recommendations for the management of difficult-to-treat rheumatoid arthritis
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Methotrexate effect on immunogenicity and long-term maintenance of adalimumab in axial spondyloarthritis: a multicentric randomised trial
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Clinical manifestations and outcome of SARS-CoV-2 infections in children and adolescents with rheumatic musculoskeletal diseases: data from the National Paediatric Rheumatology Database in Germany
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